Hello world! (and Prof. Alec Couros)

This First blog is for my ECMPT Class which is our first task.
2) Answer the following questions in your first blogpost:
a) Give a brief description of your own personal background (e.g, school, family, career, hobbies, etc.). Of course, only provide information which you feel comfortable sharing.

My Name is Shella Luistro.  I was born and raised in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I was raised as a traditional Filipino girl with a mix of Canadian values and “ways”. My parents and grandparents made sure that we did well in school and had good friends around (which thankfully, I still have around me!)

I attended St. Gerard Elementary School, and then ED Feehan Catholic High School and then the University of Saskatchewan (in Saskatoon). I convocated from the UofS in 2008 with a BA in Humanities, Major in Religious Studies and a Concentration in french. I now attend the University of Regina in the faculty of Education(K-5). I am currently in my last semester of classes at the UofR, but I will be doing my internship in September 2010 and will Finished school (finally) in December of this year! 🙂

I am a pretty easy going person, who like to go out and have fun with friends, but I also like to hang out at home and watch a movie. Sportswise, I love playing Volleyball and Basketball although i’d rather watch basketball than play it.  I love dealing with kids, which is probably why i chose the faculty of education. If it wasn’t for my Job at the YMCA I never would have decided to go into education.

b) Provide some information regarding your attitudes of or previous experience with technology in your own personal, school or work experience.

I guess you can say i’m a “techy” person. I try and stay up to date to the technology we have around us. The one “techy” thing i cannot live without right now is my Blackberry…sad i know… but i can do anything and everything with the touch of a button, check email, facebook, news ect. It is a very handy device i think. I regret not getting the Iphone, but my one friend has it so i just play with her iphone all the time. haha.

I’ve taken a computer science class when I was at the UofS. It was a very good class actually, I liked it a lot. we built websites, and did JavaScript. I guess at the time we didn’t have facebook or myspace so I wasn’t really informed of the social networks around us.

c) Give insight into how you currently feel towards computing technology in the K-12 classroom. For example, what are the potential benefits or limitations of technology in the classroom? How do you feel technology should or should not be used in K-12 learning environments? What is the impact of new technologies like Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, mobile phones, etc., on student learning and achievement?

Technology has become a great part of our society, by great part, I mean HUGE! technology is all around us, and as much as we want to eliminate it from the classroom, WE CAN’T. Computers, youtube, facebook, myspace, Everyone uses these types of technology and social networking. The students we will be teaching in the next 5 years will be very “techy” meaning they will know how to use smart boards, computers, and cellphones. These types of things are the things that the students are interested in, which means it will help them understand better.

I think technology should be used in the classroom everyday! Using social networks such as Skype, myspace, Facebook helps the students understand the world around them and the people around them. I’ve used youtube as a source in lesson plans i’ve done in the past, and the students love it! I’ve had many profs in my university classes use Youtube as a source as well, and it is very interesting.

d) Provide a description of your expectations for this class and from your instructor. What do you hope to accomplish in this class? Is there anything that the instructor should know about your previous experience or lack of experience with technology?

Expectation for this class…As a future teacher I would like to know how I can use technology even more in my class for my students. Even though I am a “techy” person, there are still some things I do not know about the technology around us. I would like to explore different options. I hope to be able to help the “Traditional Teachers” Adjust to the new way of teaching through technology. There are still quite a few of teachers that teach like they did a long long time ago…and I Believe with the children we have now, this has to change.


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