Tech Task #2 – Michael Wesch’s Presentation

Hello World!

When I received an email saying that we had to go to a presentation instead of class, I thought, oh man, another day without class and plus a presentation! I’ve been to many presentations in my University career. Most of the time these presentations were not helpful at all! Since this was a Ecomputers class, I thought ok, this should be relevant right? And it was!

I did not attend the actual presentation at the University, instead I tuned in online in the comfort of my own room! (I thought this was a great idea!) Michael Wesch’s did a presentation on social networking and he also explained how he used the internet as a tool in his lectures at his University. He spoke a lot about the different types of social networks that are available to us online. Some examples he gave are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube.

The one thing that resides with me about the whole presentation is YouTube and the phenomenon is it. Soulja Boy, Justin Beiber, and Charice Pempenco are a few artists that have been discovered on YouTube. I cannot believe how big of an audience YouTube is, until people like these kids have record deals and contracts and are now famous in the world. It is great that people can make videos and vlogs about anything they want and get the world to watch it. (I must admit, I am one of those people who can be on YouTube for a long time just watching videos.) Although there are many videos that are just for comedy or humor, there are some videos that are educational and help people with anything and everything. I’ve used many YouTube videos in my lessons that help demonstrate math problems. I think using these types of resources in the classroom, help the children enjoy the lesson and possibly understand better.

Michael Wesch talked about teaching people to be Knowledgeable, which is correct but we should teach them to be more KnowledgeABLE. I agree with his statement because you can have a lot of knowledge but you don’t know what to do with it, so being able to teach people how to use this knowledge through social networks or the internet will help them succeed in the society we have now.


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