Tech Task #3

Last class Alec did a presentation on social networks, and for the 3rd tech task we need to comment or do a reflection on this. I really enjoyed this presentation. Some of the social networks that i currently have or once had in the past are, Facebook. Hi5, Friendster, Twitter, Youtube account, Delicious, Google account, Yahoo Account, and I am now bloggin on WordPress.

Most of these accounts are at a limited view, which means only certain people can follow me on twitter and be my friend on Facebook. I have to admit that ever since I got in to the faculty of Education, i’ve put a limitation on these accounts. Why you ask? well Cooperating teachers, and future employers can google you and judge you before hiring you based on these accounts. My one prof told our class on the first day of school to look over your Facebook account and untag or delete any pictures where you are not being “Professional”(aka. partying with fellow ed students) So what did I do? well i did just that! I deleted and untagged photos of my self on Facebook and made my twitter and facebook account limited to certain people. In my head having Facebook and twitter was a bad thing…it could not play a part in my teaching career at all.

In the same class last year, Alec Couros did a presentation on the role of Social Media in the classroom, and then I realized that social media is a vital role in the classroom. It can also help me connect with other teachers in the world. I was still hesitant to lift the limitation on my twitter account until Alec’s presentation in Ecmp 355 last week. How am I able to connect with other professionals if there are only certain people that can follow me? Up until today, my tweets were block and you had to request to follow me but now they are available to the whole world to follow..(although, I’m not certain how interesting my tweets are to people)

I strongly believe that Social Networks are here to stay, and future teachers need to be aware that it is here to stay. Every child in their classroom either has an account or will have an account with any of these social networks such as Facebook, Twitter ect. Youtube is a huge phenomenon that everyone has access to. Along with all this social networking comes certain things that may happen outside of the classroom. For example, cyber bullying. Teachers need to be aware that this can happen not only in the “real world” but also in the “cyber world”. I believe in order to avoid this from happening, we can teach our children how to be “cybersafe”. Teaching kids how to use these social networks properly and for the right reasons.

Copyright laws are very important when it comes to plagiarizing and taking other peoples work and using it as your own. This is another thing we need to teach our kids. Online, it is hard to “copyright” things. videos and pictures are always being “remixed” and “reused” it is not that easy to sue someone because they remixed the “david after the dentist” video. It is entertainment for the whole world. I think its important to understand that not everything online is original because it can be “remixed” or “reused”. If there comes a time where you don’t want your work to be used you can put copyright or copyleft rights on them.

After all that is said and done, there is SO much a teacher can do with social networks! Being able to connect with different classrooms from around the world is such a great way to help children learn about the different cultures and different ways of living in other places in the world. That being said, future teachers should use social networks to engage the children in the classroom because it is here to stay for our children and our children’s children.


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