Technology Overload!

Hello World!

In my first post I said that i’m a pretty “techy” person and that i’m up to date with the technology we have around us. But after a couple lectures with Alec, I feel like i’m soo behind when it come to technology! oh boy… There is so much technology and resources out there for me to use.

Tech Task# 4 was assigned last week, and I had no Idea what to do for it, but after much thought, I decided to do a little something something for my parents and my family abroad. I decided to do a showcase of my parents 25th Anniversary. I’m not too sure if it qualifies as a “digital story” or not though. I’m a little intimidated by some of the videos we saw in class last week. I guess with enough time and practice i’ll be able to do those too. Until then, I will keep working on my task#4!


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