Digital Citizenship..and more

Last class we had a presentation about digital citizenship from Alec Couros. It was a very informative presentation. Ever since the beginning for the semester we have been introduced to the resources we have as teachers using the internet. Twitter, Facebook, wikis, blogs, skype ect. and the list goes on and on! Yes these are very useful resources for the classroom, but what are some of the things we need to avoid showing our students as teachers.

We talked about filters while using the internet at school. This is something i completely agree with! 100%, but what happens when the student goes home?? We have filters for Facebook and Youtube at the school but when the child goes home, we don’t know if these filters are implemented in the household. Student have access to all different types of websites online. I think it is important to inform parents of things that could happen outside of school online using the internet. It is also a great idea to have a lesson for the students regarding what is good and bad about the internet, what we should share or shouldn’t share.

I EA’d at a school in Saskatoon one time and it was in a grade 8 class. The teacher was doing a lesson about the internet. She had a booklet filled with information about the internet. what we should share, and shouldn’t share with people online. I think this is a great idea to do. But it should start in a grade 8 class. I have younger cousins that have added me on Facebook and have added me on MSN. These relatives are 8,9,10 years old. I personally think that they should not have these social networks.

I talked to my cousin who is concerned about Facebook. His daughter has been nagging him about letting her have a Facebook account. He came to me about what I thought of it. I told him that it is a good way to communicate with friends, (I use it to communicate with high school friends and relatives who live outside of the country or province.) I told him that my profile is limited to certain ppl. He was concerned about pictures. He did not like the idea of putting a picture of yourself up on Facebook. He was thinking that if he lets his daughter get FB, yes her profile will be limited to certain ppl, but what happens when she posts a picture of herself and one of her “facebook friends” copies that picture and sends it to someone who is not her friend. How do we avoid that??!!

It made me think….With the technology that we have now with photoshop and editing tools, how do we avoid anything bad from happening?? How far is too far?? thinking about “foursquare” if I use it, how will i know that my house is not being broken into?? These are a few things that i’ve been thinking about when it comes to the dangers of technology.


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