Rocky Mountain YMCA Conference

I’ve worked for the YMCA of Saskatoon for about 4 years now and I lead a youth group that is run by the Y called “Leader Corps”. The end of February I was lucky enough to attend the Western Canada Leaders Conference. This is a conference that is put together by the YMCA. This conference is for youth ages 14 – 18 years old. They will learn how to become leaders of our community and society.

For my YMCA in Saskatoon we took 8 leaders to the conference. Most of them have never been to this conference or the rocky mountains, While 4 of the kids we took have been 2 or three times already. As an advisor I found that this conference help me develop a social network with the other advisors from different Ys. We discussed a lot about the different activites we do as a group. And the long term goals we have for the youth. Coming in to the conference me and the other 2 people I work with discussed that we wanted our youth to step out of their comfort zone and meet other people and learn different things form them. We achieved out goal because at the end of the conference our youngest youth stepped out of her bubble and made new friends with people that were older than her.

I think that going to conferences such as these help people obtain those social networks we need in order to collaborate with other people not only in the same city but people from other provinces and countries as well.

Here are a few photos I took when I was admiring the Mountains…


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