tis that time of the semster!

Just as the title says, It is that time of the semester! Assignments are due, midterms are ending, major projects, and the start of finals begin. Lucky for me, I don’t have finals this semester. (for those who do, Good luck! i would not want to be in your position, but you can do it!)

Now that the weather is starting to be nice and warm, it makes me not want to do homework! I’d rather be outside going for a walk or a run breathing the fresh air out there! But as it is, I need to get these assignments done which is why i’m trying to get them done ASAP!

For those who are in the same boat as me: Don’t stress out too much! I know there are not enough hours in a day, but learn to make time for yourself. Take a break! have a drinks with a friend tonight! (watch the Manny Pacquiao Boxing Match!haha) and take a day off! everyone deserves it! Good luck with all your assignments!

As Frankie goes to Hollywood says : Relax!




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2 responses to “tis that time of the semster!

  1. Alex

    haha this blog post made my day! I’ve been stressing about my assignments to and I’m glad someone else is feeling my pain!

  2. Hey Alex, I’m glad it made your day! Just make sure you take the time to RELAX!

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