skyping in the classroom

Today in ECMP we “skyped” with classrooms from across the country. I found this class very inspiring in terms of teaching and the inclusion of technology in the classroom. I’ve used skype in the pass with family and friends that live far from me.

In one of my classes last year I incorporated skype in a lesson for science. We would skype another classroom and see what the weather is like where they are. After speaking with @bryanjack @zbpipe and @jansmith, I want to use it for more than that.

In our conversation with @jansmith’s grade one class, one of her students talked about using technology such as IWB (interactive white boards) and skype for reading buddies. (I will need to do more research on this topic, because I find it really interesting) I think this is a great idea tool to use for not only the students but the teachers as well.

I do hope that in my first year of teaching I will be able to use technology to its full extent in my classroom. This class has definitely helped me realize that the students in my classroom will be technology capable students. I will have to let them explore, and learn from them.


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