Heritage Projects

I work for the YMCA with the Before and After School Program. As I walked into my school yesterday, I was welcomed by a display of many different boards. Some had information about different Countries and some had information on Canada and the Olympics.

As I was admiring the work of these students the secretary told me there were more in the Gym! I thought really!?? there’s already so much in the hallways! I asked her which grades did this projects? Students from grades 3 to 7 did these Heritage projects…I was impressed because I didn’t do such projects until I was in grade 6 or 7. But grade 3, Wow!

Seeing these Heritage projects helped me realized that I have chosen the right profession. These kids have been taught how to do research projects and be creative when presenting them. I look forward to teaching my students how to do Heritage projects. They really help in engaging the student because they choose the subject they want to research on. An example of this is when my group of kids from the B&A program showed me their project and the speech they had prepared. It definitely made my day!

I sneaked in some photos while I was walking around… So here are a few projects I thought were well done by these amazing students!




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2 responses to “Heritage Projects

  1. lauramarie88

    Heritage projects are fantastic! Looks like these students put in a lot of work! I wonder if there are teachers who implement a tech-version of heritage projects (perhaps on student blogs or wikis) and what the differences might be? Just a thought 🙂

  2. You know that’s a good question! I’m sure that’s a teacher some where out there that has implemented already. They could maybe do some kind of prezi of some sort for it…

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