April Fools!

Happy April fools everyone!!

I hope you haven’t been fooled yet today…if you are planning on fooling someone make sure that it’s before noon today! I remember when I was younger people would always tell me that april fools end’s at noon. This is probably a good thing. I myself don’t play any tricks on anyone, although I have seen my fair share of tricks that have been done on friends. I remember a trick that my teacher played on us in grade 5. At the end of the day she always wrote on the board our homework for the night..she started writing a HUGE list of homework…then at the very end she wrote april fools…she got us good (well i thought anyway haha).

Anyway, Have a safe april fools! and Easter is on Sunday!! so have a great weekend!!


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  1. Young children love Backwards Day or April 1st. There are lot of holidays and events in April.

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