Future Leaders

Leaders, there are so many in our society. As educator, it is our responsibility to develop leaders with our students. In ECMP class yesterday we had a presentation from George Couros. (@gcouros) He is a principal at an Alberta elementary school. He talked about developing leaders in his school. It is extremely important to have leaders in the school. This doesn’t mean that the Principal is the only leader, there has to be many other leaders.

I run a program for the YMCA which is called Leader Corps and it is basically a program that helps youth become leaders in the community. I firmly believe that there is a leader in every person. As educators we need to dig deep to find the leader in the student. George showed us a video of a 9 year old boy who was the key not speaker at a Dallas conference for educators. He really inspired me and made me realize that I am in the right profession. This boy captured the attention of 20,000 people and more (because it was on YouTube) with his speech. Below is the video.




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7 responses to “Future Leaders

  1. I’m so glad that you included this YouTube video as part of your blog. I remember watching this video as part of a staff meeting at school and remembering the very powerful message delivered by this young boy. Over the last couple of years, I have heard a lot about the principal being a “leader of leaders,” and obviously @gcouros’ talk dealt a lot with this concept too. It sounds like a wonderful talk, and I’m glad that you shared your reflection on it here.

  2. This kid was amazing, a little future president !!

  3. georgecouros

    I am so glad that you included this video on your blog. It is definitely one of my favourites, and I have showed it to so many people. It really shows that if you believe in students, that they can do anything, include talking in front of 20, 000 people! I know that when I look for staff that work at my school, it is important that they show that they believe there are no limits for students. Based on your post, I get that feeling with you, and definitely agree that you are in the right field 🙂

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