Last Day of Classes

Well, it’s finally here! the day I didn’t think would come…THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES! It’s a bitter/sweet feeling. It hasn’t sunk in yet, but today is the last “last day of (university) classes” i’ll have. Although i’m not done my B.Ed until December, these are the last classes i’ll be taking. (it’s been 6 years in the waiting :S )

I feel that this semester has been one of the best semesters i’ve had through out my University Career. I’ve gained so much knowledge from my professors this semester. I feel that this semester has helped me prepare myself as an intern. I am now knowledgeable in the different technologies I can use in the classroom, the strategies I can use for EAL students and the strategies I can use for Special needs students within the classroom.

For my classmates who are done this semester and going into the “Real World”, Good luck to all of you! You are going to be great educators because you have a Degree from the Faculty of Education from the University of Regina. Best of luck with your Future endeavors!

For those who are just starting and are in the middle of the ED program, Don’t worry your time will come! You will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel and you will all be great educators as well! Good luck!

I hope everyone has a great summer! Stay Safe!!



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